Quoting has never been simpler, whether you’re a freelancer or running a small freelance agency; Skwish project management makes it simple to send out quotes to your clients attached directly to their brief. Your quotes and task specification are also all stored online within the project board to ensure you never have to sift through emails for quotes and approvals again.


Once a quote’s been agreed in Skwish, you can begin to manage your project. Assign a task in the Skwish schedule, collaborate with other freelancers or assign it to a staff member. Skwish project management makes managing your time and team simple.

Skwish helps you manage your projects, tasks and schedule where ever you are in the world. Our online project management tool also includes a feedback system and client integration.

Get paid

Freelancers often struggle with scope creep; where a client expects something to be included in the brief which was never discussed. Using Skwish Project Management quote tool the brief and quote are side by side. There's no room for scope creep, we've even ensured any additional requests are dated in the comments section and can be re-quoted in Skwish. Say goodbye to end of project disputes.

Knowing what income you’ve got coming in each month is vital to helping your business develop; send out invoices directly from Skwish Project Management when a project or task is complete.