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Skwish - The freelance project management tool

Use Skwish to keep track of all of your ideas - quote, schedule and assign them to your team Use Skwish to manage all of your projects and tasks.  Quoting and scheduling made easy. Easily report bugs to your team and use Skwish to keep track.  Assign them to your team and get them fixed.

Skwish freelance solves the problems you face when managing multiple clients, collaborating with other freelancers and tracking who owes you what.

Freelancing is challenging enough without having to track email conversations between clients and your team. Skwish Freelance is the simple way to manage every client, from sending out your portfolio to getting final sign-off; the client onboarding process makes life simple for freelancers. Never let a client take advantage again; send quotes for each aspect of work – giving the client visibility and you the confidence that the work you are doing will be paid for! Collaborate with your team, wherever they are in the world, and assign work to your team members with our simple task workflow and scheduling system. Our specially designed client management tool pinpoints the area your client wants to target, to enhance communication and get results.
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Skwish can help you to improve your project and task workflow, and keep your client informed

Use Skwish to simplify your workflow and keep your whole freelance team in the loop.

Collaborate on projects? Quote, assign and monitor the progress of your team for every task you undertake. Your team and your clients can be kept in the loop with client approvals, feedback and comments. Skwish Freelance gives you a holistic and collaborative view of your projects and their status.

A hassle-free tool for quoting, tracking and invoicing

Late Payments, clients requesting work out of spec and slow responding clients are all major concerns for freelancers. Stay in control of your freelance finances by tracking your income in Skwish. The platform allows you to build in individual hourly rates for all of your clients which it then allows you to provide quotes based on your time. Time tracking, billing and scheduling are also included in Skwish so you never miss a beat or as potential payday!
Skwish has a number of tools and apps available to help keep track of projects and tasks

Still got your attention?

Skwish still has plenty more to offer.... including,
Use the Skwish bug tracking tool to easily upload bugs to the project management area

Free Bug Tracking

It’s easy for feedback to get lost in translation when bouncing amendments and comments across email.

Upload your documents to the task at hand, submit to the client, and let them annotate and comment for all to see.

skwish even has it's own Google Chrome app for bug tracking and bug reporting

Collaborate with your clients with Skwish, and maintain an online approvals trail

Online Approval System

Never lose online approvals amongst emails again. An essential tool for project managers, our widget makes it easy for staff and clients to approve quotes, artwork, copy or website changes, for enhanced accountability
Submit quotes to your clients with Skwish and keep everything in one place

Quick Online Quoting

Say goodbye to paper, email threads and endless delays

Our hassle-free online quoting system logs everything in one place, with the ability to submit additional costs as they arise.
Skwish project management keeps things simple and makes it easy to manage your team

Remote Project Management

Discover the next generation of teamwork. Our project management tool allows you to effortlessly delegate tasks to staff and freelancers anywhere in the world. Assigned tasks will drop straight into their work channel with a notification.
Create a schedule for your team with Skwish

Smart Online Scheduling

Forget to-do lists as long as your arm. Our intuitive traffic light system makes online scheduling simple, with free task management capabilities that allow you to prioritise your workflow.
Collaborate with your clients in one place with Skwish

Refined Client Management

Relationships are fundamental to repeat business. Our client management platform ensures you always remember the little things; customise your client profile with birthdays, links, notes and more to make servicing simple.

What if I Told You Skwish Only cost £1 a month - no gimmicks, no contracts

What if I also told you, you're in control of what features we build?

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