About us - and where Skwish came from

The origin of Skwish

Skwish was developed by The Code Guy; a forward thinking, problem solving, award winning development agency.

Project management is a part of any agency, from small freelance companies to large global agencies; planning each stage of work can help with quoting, timing and end goals.

At the turn of the year Paul, owner of The Code Guy, coding genius and self-confessed geek took on Millie, client services, marketing and advertising pro to project manage at The Code Guy.

Having tried multiple project management tools while managing The Code Guy clients, they realised they spent more time trying to get the tools to work for them than they were saving with old fashion methods. In a business where every hour counts they knew there had to be a simpler way, so set about building Skwish.

Meet the faces behind Skwish

Here’s a little blurb Paul wrote about himself, a modest geek, he takes us the journey which lead him to Skwish.

“Winding all the way back to university, where I was infected by the 'geek' bug (which is incurable as I've found), I studied Computing for Artificial Intelligence. If there's ever a degree title that's going to start a conversation, that's it!

I've always been a freelancer - starting with small websites for small businesses, charities, individuals...just to learn, absorb and to try new things. After university I joined "Internet Geeks" after replying to an ad saying "Be a Geek...". Although quite junior I grew a technical team, alongside my designer counterpart, built a CMS (called Anthea...of course) and some amazing websites such as Channel 4's River Cottage, and a conceptualised, design and developed a system called Service Tick (which is now it's own business).

After a few years we moved to Cambridge where I worked with a company on WiFi tracking of *things* and my last full-time job as "Browser based user interface expert" for a materials information company working for some brilliant customers.

But I had an itch...working for other people was good fun, but ultimately limiting. So I took an incredibly challenging decision and became a full-time freelancer.

Having won the IPSE freelancer of the year award in the first year of business I employed Millie to help manage the work flow and my clients. Together we realised how the existing project management tools just weren’t helping the workflow and were actually taking more time to manage. Looking at the problem with our combined experience meant we were able to build something effective at time and project management. “

Here’s Millie’s story in how she unexpectedly started Skwish with Paul

“I never saw myself as a project manager, from the age of 14 I wanted to go into marketing and advertising; I think that's one of the joys of life, it takes you where you never expected.

I started my career with a degree in advertising and marketing; it was quite a broad degree with a year studying things like economics, finance, marketing, and statistics. I thoroughly enjoyed analysing some of the best advertising and marketing techniques and seeing how they can change a brand.

After my degree, I dived straight into advertising working at a small agency in London with one of my core clients being Johnson and Johnson (yep baby oil, sun cream and blister plasters...glamorous), followed by a stint at another agency working with Samsung.

Throughout my time working in the busy advertising environment I learnt many project management techniques from the team around me. Working in a large agency meant effective project management was a vital; with large teams, big projects and multiple quotes it was important to always keep notes of what was happening and who work was with. Often the team did this by paper and note pads, going through wads of paper every month I knew there was a simpler, more collaborative method where the fees, status and task details were all in one place.”

What if I Told You Skwish Only cost £1 a month - no gimmicks, no contracts

What if I also told you, you're in control of what features we build?

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