Ready to go?

What is Skwish?

Skwish is the ultimate freelance tool; track budgets, quotes and project status. Get client approvals, feedback and ensure you're always working to scope.

Even freelancers have teams, project collaborations are what makes freelancers successful. Talk to your team, schedule work with them or discuss tasks within the channel.

Skwish has everything you need to stay on top.

What will it cost me?

Your first week is totally Free, and then you pay what you want*

minimum payment of £1 a month...

What's the Catch?

There isn't one! We know how tough it can be to freelance, it's where we started. We'd like to give you the opportunity to help fund the future of Skwish if you enjoy the product you can head to our contribution page and help fund the new features we'd like to add to Skwish.

Your investment pays to ensure Skwish doesn't become just another expensive project managment tool.

Your Details

We promise to never sell your details. Your data and information stays wish us. We use your name email and company name to create a user for you. We will send the occasional marketing email but you can simply hit unsuscribe if they arent useful to you.

We're excited, are you excited?

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5 stars - "A good product." Tom