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Contact Skwish by email
Contact Skwish by phone 0207 438 2086

For all enquiries please contact or use the chat in the bottom right to talk with us directly - we're quite friendly. If we're not online, we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Partnership & media enquiries

Are you looking to affiliate with Skwish? We have a number of different opportunities available on how to do this...drop our friendly support team and let's chat!

New feature requests

Skwish came about as in the agency we ran we couldn't find a project management system that did everything we wanted it to (or even it did too much!) - and we tried everything! If we're missing something, please let us's very possible you're not alone and we'd be very happy to review and add to our road map any new features. Drop us an email

What if I Told You Skwish Only cost £1 a month - no gimmicks, no contracts

What if I also told you, you're in control of what features we build?

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5 stars - "A good product." Tom