Skwish Features

Document Upload

Skwish is always evolving

If we're missing a feature in Skwish you think everybody could use, get in touch. Our aim is to be flexible and industry responsive.

Task Management

Create new tasks, manage your workflow and ensure your team knows what's being worked on and what's left to do.

Our project management system enables you to break projects down into manageable tasks, quoting each element, assigning team members and managing its progress.

Each task can be managed individually with document uploads, comments, team members and client feedback.

Track Projects from Start to Finish

Your team is responsible for each and every step of the project; giving your team responsibility, accountability, and clear next steps help you get best out of them. With individual tasks and team collaboration including task comments, Skwish makes working as a team simple wherever you are in the world.


Skwish helps teams achieve their best within an office, or across the globe. This starts with the ability to schedule tasks for a specific date.

Tagged tasks, personal schedules, team projects, and personal responsibility. Your team will always know the next steps, due dates and team members working on any given task to ensure you're always moving forward and making money.

Skwish App

This tool isn't just for you and your team; it's for your client too. Skwish app makes it easy for your clients to drop pins on their website and give you and your team new tasks. Add the app to Google Chrome and login to begin pinning your tasks to any website.

We've found working with our skwish tool means clients find it easier to give you tasks and changes; offering you more opportunity to make money and in return, you and your client have a more open relationship.


Fee not Free

Skwish works alongside the Fee not Free campaign to ensure companies and freelancers aren't ever working for free. Clients often ask for changes, updates and modifications to a website without wanting to pay. Although Skwish has a skip quote option, it's designed to ensure no task is requested by a client without a quote.

Your team is paid to do the job, you should be too.


Know what you're doing, and when you should be doing it by with our desktop and in-app notifications.

Tag staff in comments, assign them to a task or request feedback from a client, they will all know about it! If it's not been checked within a few hours, they will receive a reminder email.

What if I Told You Skwish Only cost £1 a month - no gimmicks, no contracts

What if I also told you, you're in control of what features we build?

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