Our Referral Scheme - we'll pay you for using Skwish!

The Skwish Referral Scheme

Welcome to the Skwish referral scheme, we’re pleased you like our product enough to start sharing it. Below are details on how you can save, or even make money on Skwish. All you need is a subscription and people to refer to.

We have a unique referral scheme for customers to earn rewards on their account; with our pay what you want pricing it makes it hard to discount your account but we do offer incentives and goodies depending on the number of referrals.

Eligibility to join the Skwish referral Scheme

You must have a Skwish account subscription; this enables us to add gifts and incentives to your account every time you sign someone up. Sign-ups must be on a subscribed Skwish account, not our free 7 day trial.

You will receive gifts and incentives for up to 1 year if your referee is continually on a paid account for this duration of time.

Getting your referral Code

Once you are logged in to your account head over to your billing page. There you will find a unique code that you can hand out to friends or other businesses.

If this code is used by someone to sign up to one of the subscription plans, you will start to receive small gifts to show our appreciation!

If you have any queries about this, please get in contact

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What if I also told you, you're in control of what features we build?

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