Skwish support
Getting started...and then some!

Feedback & Bugs

Working in a creative industry, thorough feedback is the key to making sure you’re happy with the finished product.


Get Started using skwish

It’s easy to get started using Skwish but there’s lots of great hidden features.

To get started you only need to know the basics, these guides will help you on your way to quick, organised project management.


Budgets and Finance

Money makes the world go round… well it doesn’t, gravity does but it does make your business work.

You will find the Skwish project management tool has been built to simplify making money, and keep track of your quotes and costs.


What if I Told You Skwish Only cost £1 a month - no gimmicks, no contracts

What if I also told you, you're in control of what features we build?

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5 stars - "A good product." Tom